Thursday, May 24, 2007

Using wikis in teaching

After creating the Narrative Workshop wiki, I am all set and ready to embed this in my own and other colleagues' teaching. Funding permitting, I am planning to purchase a suite of laptops so that my students can use the wiki as a means of capturing class room discussion, then being able to go back and redraft and critique this later. I've been looking at what others have done so far. Vicki Davis blogs about her use of wikis, and you can look at a UK based example in HE at Oxford Brookes with the work of Richard Francis.

Next task is to design the assessment task for one of the MA English Literary Studies, which is currently a traditional essay, but is about to be transformed into something like a wiki portfolio. Of course this is going to have to be developed, approved and then let loose on the students, and it is dependent on being able to do simple things like purchase the laptops I need.

Watch this space! And if any of you have good ideas for innovative assessment using wikis, please do let me know.


Blogger Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

It is great to go for laptops -- I wish I had them at my school. Remember, though that when I blogged about the post that you cite here -- I was using OLD Pentium III computers with 128 MB of RAM!!! The great things about wikis is that they can be used on older technology.

I applaud your vision and willingness to move ahead. Expect the initial learning curve to be a bit well, painful -- but when they get it, teaching becomes faster, more efficient and more rewarding!

Great job!

6:52 AM  

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