Monday, May 21, 2007

Critical images - Juan Luis Sancez

Just wanted to put a link here to my friend Juan's blog. Not only does he take gorgeous photos, but now he is critiquing them too, or at least those about Blair and Bush. For those of you into digital photography, you might like to check out Juan's website. Oh, and by the way, Juan is my claim to fame and has worked on so many prestigious projects from Star Wars to Harry Potter and much more (including the video of my wedding, now 13 years ago!). Personal bragging by proxy aside, his use of image is interesting as a multimodal aspect of blogging, and links in with some of the themes from my recent symposium.



Blogger Juan-Luis said...

ooh thanks Ruth I am so flattered :). One minor correction - my photographs are all taken originally on film, so technically what I do is not 'digital photography', just plain old 'photography'. I didn't know you had this particular blog, I was anxiously awaiting updated at the4pages... now I know where to go for the good stuff. Been meaning to get in touch - life in London can be all consuming, in a good way. Hope to catch up soon, Love, J-Lx

10:00 AM  
Blogger Ruth Page said...

I stand corrected! Sorry, I forgot about our discussion when you told me about scanning your photos. The fact that they are available digitally kind of overtook them from that.

And yeah, this is where I write most of my stuff now, but it mostly the work things, not much about life outside of that. Have to get back to other blog, but it was kind of Gavin's baby when his leg was out of action. But I have been thinking more and more that the boundaries between 'academic' life and the world outside that need to be eroded.

Perhaps this post might just be the first step...

10:04 AM  

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