Friday, December 07, 2007

Wiki project phase one completed

We have finally reached the end of the teaching sessions for our first semester, and I have been evaluating the success of using wikis in my narrative analysis class. Am I glad I tried this? Yes, definitely. Are the students glad we used it? Yes, definitely. Of course, the evaluation is a little more fine-grained than that. I presented a summary when I talked at De Montfort in the humanities faculty earlier this week. When I work out how to put the PPT slides up here, I'll do it (yes, still learning techie-stuff all the time). I'm also presenting a report on the project at my own faculty learning conference next Friday. The poster presentation that will be part of the lunch time displays is at the top of this post. I'm really grateful to the LHDS faculty at BCU which funded the curriculum innovation bursary that made purchasing the laptops possible. But I'm even more grateful to the students who put so much of their work on the wiki and got so much out of it.



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try slideshare?

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