Sunday, November 25, 2007

Only the most tenuous of links...

I generally work on the principle that I only blog about work things and not about anything that happens outside of work. Well, I guess this is the exception to the rule. Thursday evening, Gavin and I went to the German market in Birmingham city centre. It was really pretty and very atmospheric, just the thing to distract me from a horrendously busy week at work. After wandering around for a while, we browsed a jewellery stand up near centenary square. I finally decided that, yes, I was going to buy a rather lovely green bracelet and went to pay. The vendor so reminded me of one of my former students, so in my usual fashion, I said 'you so remind me of someone I used to teach' and it turned out that it was in fact someone I had taught about six years ago at BCU. She was very happy to see me and we had a happy five minutes catching up, made all the more happy by the discount she then gave me on the jewellery! So here is my support in return - if you want to pick up some lovely jewellery before Christmas, then go and visit Michelle's jewellery stand in the German Market, or visit one of the associated stores, 'The Jewellery Stop' in Kings Heath, Bath or Leamington Spa.



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