Thursday, February 28, 2008

Text-based wikis and deep learning

Well, here I am finding myself needing to excuse the long gap between this blog post and the last. Truth is that I have been tied up with a couple of projects that I didn't feel like a could blog about at the time (a job search I was selected as finalist of which ultimately didn't work out but took over my life for a couple of months) and then examining a PhD (which was an absolute pleasure and successful for the candidate - well done Jess). And since then, well, I've been trying and failing to catch up with myself whilst writing an application for a National Teaching Fellowship, revising a paper for a journal, talking at a conference at UCC in Ireland and doing all the 'usual stuff of life' - teaching, administration, trying to stay on the right side of sane.

But in amongst all of this, an email from a friend of mine (Stephen Harlow) has been languishing in my in box. And today I finally got time to open the link to find a very interesting article (Student Engagement in Distance Learning Environments) in First Monday on the use of wikis as means of promoting collaborative discussion of texts (rather than using discussion threads). It seems like a useful idea, and one that I'll be looking to use as I continue to explore the different ways web 2.0 can enhance our learning experiences.



Blogger Mohammed UK said...

Hello. I've just been exploring the BCU (I still know it as UCE!) website whilst thinking about "my future" (gosh, daunting) and came across your blog. I will definitely make time to read it and hope for some inspiration!

Feel free to visit my blog (just down towards the greyhound track and head towards the Villa ground, you can't miss it).


11:51 AM  
Blogger Dr. Jessica Laccetti said...

Hi Ruth! That was the best post ever (she says smilingly!!) :)

Thanks for your kind words re: my thesis. There could not have been a more pleasant viva experience. Your demeanour - a mix of positive critique and genuine interest/enthusiasm - made the viva a really wonderful experience. I'm very lucky to have had such a *wicked* (that is the apt word!) experience and thank you very much for that.

Interesting links too re: wikis. I'm having a conversation on my blog (here and here) about assessing digital stories, it might be of interest?

6:26 AM  

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