Monday, April 30, 2007

Narrative and Multimodality Symposium

The Narrative and Multimodality Symposium has now taken place. It was a very full event, with a range of papers that spanned concerns with modes, media and narrative in both hi-tech and low-tech forms. The plenary speakers were David Herman, Michael Toolan, and Sue Thomas, all of whom delivered top class papers which got us talking about all sorts of things from the Hulk through to hypertext.

You can check out Jess's blog about more of the presentations. There were too many highlights for me to put them all here, but it was a memorable occasion that has provoked many issues to be explored further. For example, what is the common ground between researchers who are working in 'hi-tech' narrative/multimodal areas (represented by papers given by Helena Barbas, Sarah Hatton & Melissa McGurgan, Hans Rustad, Sonia Fizek, Jess Laccetti, Astrid Ensslin) and more traditional fields of stylistics and narrative analysis (represented by Alison Gibbons, Rocio Monotoro, Ulf Cronquist, Jeremy Scott, Fiona Doloughan and others). Are they next-door neighbours? What's the relationship between theory and practice in these fields? How does or can one area inform the other, and is that a one-way transfer?

The workshop on using new media narratives in teaching was my contribution to bringing these issues into focus. The wiki as it now stands will give you a feeling of some of the things that got discussed, and the bio page is a neat way of seeing in more detail some of the conference delegates. The wiki will continue to run for a while yet, both to update on the workshop strands themselves and to collate more information on pedagogic projects. I'm going to write up the whole experience of using the wiki, it's narrative and multimodal, pedagogic aspects and so on as a chapter for the edited collection that will come together from the symposium.

In the meantime, if you want to capture a flavour of the event in pictures, check out Jess's flickr page for the symposium.

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Blogger Dr. Jessica Laccetti said...

Thanks Ruth for all your amazing organising and stamina!

There was an excellent array of presentations which I'm still mulling over - especially in relation to your question (similar to what I posed on my blog) about how the more *traditional* aspects of narrative enquiry might sit with (to use Toolan's term) "high-tech" multimodal fictions. Lots to keep my busy now...

7:00 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I join Jess in thanking you (albeit a bit late) for a very interesting and stimulating conference/symposium. Defintely a lot of presentations will be food for thought...

9:30 AM  

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