Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Narratives, digital media and creative writing

Well, having been submerged in numerous projects, I've finally got back to this. I found the work of the N-Lab, while looking at Sue Thomas's impressive array of research projects. I'm not a creative writer at all, but the workshop in June looks really interesting. I've also been thinking about how I can use more storytelling in my own teaching, and how digital technology can both be a vehicle and stimulus for this. At the minute, my use of technology in teaching is really a text repository that students can interact with, linked with a series of discussion forums. But, to be honest, this has not really been that successful, or at least not in the way that I would like it to be. I don't really feel like a 'techie' person, but am constantly haunted by the sense that there is so much digital material 'out there' that I could integrate much more successfully than I already do.


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