Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Checklist to be used when planning a new use of social media in HE

Next week, I'll be giving a presentation as part of the Guardian's Professional Seminar Series.  I want to help others think through the planning entailed in using social media to enhance the student experience, and so I've created a check list of questions.  Is there anything I've left out?

Resource gathering
• Has anyone else implemented the kinds of change you are planning? What can you learn from their experience?
• Are there any open resources that would be helpful?
• What equipment or software will be needed? Who will maintain/store it?

• How many staff and students will be involved? What are their training needs?
• What help guides might be needed?
• When will you (or someone else) provide training/induction, coaching and practice sessions?

Departmental/Institutional issues
• How does your innovation fit within institutional /departmental policy and practices?
• Which other staff in your department might need to know about your innovation? What mechanisms are there for sharing good practice?
• If your innovation is based at a module level, what are the implications for other modules the students will undertake?
• Will the student work be archived? Available for other students (and others) to see in later years?
• Does your innovation have benefits for other students beyond your course? Are there links to be made with the library/study skills/employability provision?
• Will your use of social media duplicate existing modes of communication (e.g. email, VLE announcements)?
• Will your use of social media be public?

Role of the Tutor
• What will the role of the tutor entail? Providing content? Technical support? Trouble shooting? Moderation?
• Will tutors provide feedback to students? How often? When? How? How long will this take?
• How does the use of social media relate to what is taught in class contact time?
• Is the use of social media assessed? What criteria will be used?
• How will you ensure that students take part?
• How will you help students develop a public profile/voice through your intervention?

• What are your measures of success?
• What risks are entailed?
• Does your innovation create any digital divides, and if so, what can you do about it?