Thursday, September 04, 2008

Multimodality and Pride and Prejudice

This week I have been preparing my talk for an OCR event in London later this month: Modes in Motion. I'm talking about multimodality and how this could be integrated in the new English Literature and Language A-level. It's been good motivation to get cracking with the introduction to the edited collection on Narrative and Multimodality that will be coming out with Routledge. And it has also given me a good excuse to watch TV, films and surf the net looking for anime and manga. You would not believe the number of times Pride and Prejudice has been adapted! I've settled on a giving a sample analysis comparing Darcy snubbing Elizabeth and Darcy snubbing Maya (Bride and Prejudice). I was hoping to get some whizzy technical stuff in there, as I can't help feeling a bit conventional just doing a novel / film adaptation pairing. Hopefully it will turn out ok though. It's been fun making the transcription at least!


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