Monday, November 06, 2006

Blogs and story genres

I have been pondering the question of whether blogs are narrative or not, and I think a better way around this might be to consider blogs as a platform of communication which can sustain different story genres. I've written about conversational story genres in personal stories (sorry you need a subscription to view this, but you can email me for a copy) and wonder if similar things happen in online communication too. Thus the anecdotes, exemplums, recounts of everyday life (along with the more conventionally plotted stories) might flourish within blog posts, rather than the blog itself being a meta narrative (although I guess this could happen too). This leads me to ask whether the kinds of storytelling practices from face-to-face narratives get carried over into CMC, and if so, to what extent, how this copes with the multimodal transition, recontextualisation into an online environment and so on.

I'm off to IGALA4 tomorrow, so hopefully there might be some papers about blogs and gender there.


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